Accommodate Text Field Size Option - Page and Title

blucero Community Member Posts: 17 ♪ Opening Act ♪
Using vX.6 - A couple of very functional toolbar buttons are needed:
  1. Accommodate Text Field to Text
  2. Accommodate All Text Fields in Title

I'm currently working on several titles containing many assessment questions imported from Snap! The fields import fine but two things happen:
  1. The assessment questions import to the upper-left corner of the screen in a position that doesn't work with our standardized assessment template. Wish I could control where the assessment questions are placed but that's another topic.
  2. The text imports small (Arial 10 pt). Our standard size is larger. I'm using Styles to resize all assessment fields with no issue. The problem is when the field sizes are increased, the text fields do not accommodate or display all of the text. This means all text fields must be touched (repositioned and resized). Thank goodness for the "Make Same Width and Height" button as this has helped the process move faster.

If I could select the text fields on the page and click an "Accommodate Text Field Size" button would save lots of time. The same thing could be setup for all text fields in any given title using an "Accommodate All Text Fields in Title" button.

Thanks for listening Trivantis!