Drag and Drop issue - help please!

imported_damian Community Member Posts: 2
I've just been watching one of the recorded webinars online by Daryl Fleary which discusses drag and drop questions. I'm having problems with the correct answer drop target. I have 4 statements which all need to go into 4 separate boxes to be correct and I've put in 4 distracter boxes as well. The distracter boxes can be re-sized to fit the boxes I've created in my background image, but the correct answer target will not re-size. I've tried completing the question wizard then formatting the text into a box and even locked the size and position. If I then go back into the question wizard, the answer text is still in a long line and I can't line this up in the correct box.

How did Daryl manage to get 4 statements in a text box that fit the correct target box?

Is this only available in the desktop version of Lectora?

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!!!

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