New User with Publishing Error

p_daykin Community Member Posts: 1
Hi all,

I'm brand new to Lectora Online and am currently playing around with it to understand it's full functionality. I'm finding a great amount of information on the webinars and from the forum.

I've just started to look at publishing my first title to go on our new LMS, but am getting an error which is preventing me publishing, so I was hoping someone could come to my rescue with some ideas.

I have created a couple of questions based on a couple of the recorded webinars. One is using an ordinal survey that feeds into a test question using a change contents action for the question entry field and the other is using a progress bar that feeds into a test question entry field. They work perfectly when I'm previewing and do everything I need, but I get the following error:

"There is a Change Contents (OnMClkChange) action on this page with an invalid destination."

I'm not sure why there would be an invalid destination, as it allows me to change the contents of the question entry field and this is how it is done on the webinars.

Does anyone have an idea, as I'd really like to keep this functionality in my module.

Many thanks P