Integrating to Blackboard (SCORM 2004 COMPLIANT)

Hey all,

I'm making a Lectora title. It has a total of about 45 pages. This includes approximately 35 survey questions, four 7-10 minute .wmv videos, and I'm using two different Lectora templates (one for the survey and another for the rest).

Right now, in my 'Title Properties' under the 'Content' tab, my 'Type of Title' is listed as: AICC/SCORM/CourseMill (3x and above) Published Title.

On every survey question I have selected the option 'Retain question answers between sessions'.

Finally, when I publish the title I also select 'The published course will report Test/Survey Question Interactions to the LMS

Anyways, when I publish it (as SCORM 2004) I receive the following errors countless times, pretty much any time I click on anything.

Error 1: Unable to find an API adapter

Error 2: Unable to locate the LMS's API Implementation. LMSInitialize was not successful.

Error 3: Error finding API -- too deeply nested

Error 4: Unable to locate the LMS's API Implementation. LMSGetValue was not successful.

Error 5: Unable to locate the LMS's API Implementation. LMSSetValue was not successful.

Error 6: Some of the persistent data was not able to be stored

Thanks for any help! Lectora support doesn't provide help on LMS integration, that's why they recently created this category. They noticed everyone was calling about it.