Pausing/playing a SWF

sigma Community Member Posts: 1
I'm trying to add play/pause functionality to a swf created in FlyPaper - part of Lectora Inspire. You would think therefore that regardless of how I do it, Lectora would be able to play/pause a swf file created in a 'sister' program? I have tried all the different pause approaches mentioned .. NOTHING works.

So ... let's try and convert the SWF (created in FlyPaper remember) into an FLV using 'Camtasia for Lectora' - another component of Lectora Inspire.

When importing the swf ... "Failed to convert the following swfs ... Camtasia Studio only supports TechSmith created SWF video files" ...

I have even just imported a swf from the media library within Lectora ... and that still doesn't work!

Anybody any suggestions?
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