Advice/Demos for Max User Interaction...

sarab Community Member Posts: 3

I'm trying to find out tips and tricks to get the most out of a lesson as far as user interaction. I recently saw a demo with a different software company where the lesson had a video playing (not in a video box) with the person walking from side to side on the page talking to the user and posing questions. As the user answered the questions (by selecting options on the page) the person in the video had immediate responses based on the answers. The user didn't navigate to a new page, rather the video responded immediately to the user. It was very interesting and kept my attention. It's like a decision tree or a "choose your own adventure" for old school readers. :)

So - does anyone know if Lectora can accomplish these types of interactive pages? Either with video or flash animation? I'd love to hear and also see examples.

Looking forward to your help!


Sara :D