Adding Variables

klcerretti33 Community Member Posts: 4

I’m trying to develop a custom multiple select activity with 5 choices. The learner selects two choices.

A. 1 point

B. 5 points

C. 1 point

D. 1 point

E. 5 points

Learners get a different feedback for 10, 6, and 2 points. I’ve assigned and modified the variables for this point system. Then, I added actions to the submit button to show the certain feedback using all of the combinations for the points, but it doesn’t come up right (the feedback come up all at once). Is there an action for adding all of the variables that I can put on the Submit button? So, if all of the variables equal 10, then X feedback shows. Or if all of the variables equal 6, then X shows, etc...?? Does that make sense?