New User With Test Submission Issue

bytesight Community Member Posts: 2
Hello everyone! I am on a trial use of Lectora Online and am making a prototype compliance video that uses video segments followed by a test question. I created a test, set the properties as I thought they applied, and then developed the

first question (making a new page) then dragged the page to the applicable chapter after the first video.

In preview mode, I see the feedback for incorrect answers (it was multiple choice) but am not sure the answers are

being scored or stored anywhere. I made the test a library item but am not confident that was the best thing to do.

The goal is to have a series of questions as part of a test, with the questions inserted at various points in the course.

Each question should offer feedback to the learner but keep the learner moving forward with the ability to answer each

question only once. At the end of the course, they should receive a certificate and the test results should be emailed to an administrator, or be able to be downloaded as a report from Lectora Online.

As a new user, I am not seeing an intuitive way to accomplish this and the videos I have looked at aren't specific for the Online version of Lectora. Can someone offer assistance?