question feedback

agnieszkab Community Member Posts: 2
Why can't I see any feedback from question 'Fill in the Blank'?

I have checked the options 'Show Feedback' and 'Immediate Feedback' and I have written feedback message for correct and for incorrect answers.

I'm using Lectora Professional Publishing Suite (version 10)



  • sholderman
    sholderman Community Member Posts: 19
    I have a similar occurance (I think). I'm trying to run an action group when the user submits their question. The action on the submit button runs an action group that a) processes the question with immediate feedback and b) modifies a variable that ensures the user has participated in the activity before advancing to the next page.

    Evidently the action group only completes one of the two actions. It only processes the question. It does not modify the variable. I have Lectora X.4. Is this part of what is broken with 'process question'?
  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Try simply moving the action that modifies the variable to before the Process action.