XML Parsing error when opening awt

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HELP! I am getting an error when I try to open a course that I just (of course) spent many hours updating. I saved frequently, but now I can't open it at all. When I try, I receive the message "XML Parsing! : Error reading Element Value". When I click OK, I get a message "Error - Cannot find file".

Does anyone know if this is recoverable? The last backup was yesterday morning and there's at least 14 hours of work to be redone if I can't recover the file. And a killer deadline (of course) ARGHH!!


  • chris78cook
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    I know this is an old thread, but I'm having the same issue with two courses and wondering if anyone has any ideas? I will contact support, but I'm hoping someone has figured this out on their own. Other courses are opening without problem though. These files are for my main project at work right now and this is pretty much mission critical right now.

    It seems like it's having problems reading an xml file, so I'm hoping it's as easy as deleting a corrupt file somewhere and having lectora re create it.

    These are the error messages I get when I try to open the files.

  • ssneg
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    Use any online XML validator to check your XML for errors.
  • chris78cook
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    Both XML files are incomplete - it looks like they were both chopped off mid sentence in different places. I suspect this has to do with our network drive reaching it's capacity. I know people will probably say that we shouldn't be working on network drives but it's really the only way for our business to work, and I would have expected Lectora to give me some sort of error if it wasn't able to save the file properly, but apparently not. At this point I've contacted my IT department hoping that they have backups for the drive but this situation doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in the product.
  • ssneg
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    It is very normal to work on a network drive, why shouldn't you? The problem is that:

    a) your network drive can get full (which is pretty much ridiculous in the 21st century)

    b) your network drive does not produce a proper error when it's out of space - because when you save Lectora files on a full local drive, it says 'can't save'.

    c) your network drive is not backed up regularly (which is even less acceptable today)

    So I'd take this issue with your network admins first.
  • mjoye4021
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    I am experiencing the XML Parsing error and new to this type of error.  I do not always receive the error but when I do, I lose my work, my co-worker does not have the problem. Need help understanding how to correct the issue, any ideas on how to correct? I am using Lectora Inspire V16.1. I save to my hard drive and then save up to the network.

  • terjee
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    I have exactly the same problem and have now lost 10 days of work.
    Have any others experienced this?
    The AWT file is empty when I bring it up in a text editor, it is filled only with blanks.
    This is the second time I experience this, but the last time I had a more recent backup.
    I am running Lectora on a virtual Windows machine on a Mac and this error turns up when things get slow and I have to restart my virtual machine.
    I think Lectora should have a look into this.
  • switalba
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    We reinstalled the software and service packs and have not had any issues since. That may be helpful. Good luck and if you find out anything differently please post as you never know when one solution will work over another. :-)