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OK, gang I would greatly appreciate your help.

I was tasked to create a new Test Title that includes 3 separate exams. Our LMS is Pathlore so we publish most of our test to SCORM.

To date I have created the Test Title with the 3 test, each works OK when executed in Lectora but once uploaded to the LMS it's a different story. Each test will report 33% as passing (in the properties section of the AU 80% is Mastery) not 100% with all correct answers marked.

My theory is the LMS sees the 3 test as 3 components making up 1 test, since I get 33% on each X 3 = 99% (100%) there are 70 questions each per test. Of course I may be way off the mark with this.

I need to fix this so each test will score and report to the LMS properly.

I thought I could use an AU for each test but I'm getting an error message indicating restrictions from creating links between multiple AUs. On the web this is a function of the LMS. OK I understand that.

So how do I design the Title to function with multiple tests and report scores correctly to the LMS.

I have the test designed so that the student completes 1 test cycle and then exit the Title. If they wish to take another test then they have to restart the Title, cumbersome I know. I would like to have that once 1 test has been completed and the score has been record to the LMS then the student have the opportunity to return to the menu page and take a different test (it must be coded so they cannot retake the same test). I will post the Title as soon as I figure out how.

Thanks for your time and assistance.


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    There would be several ways to handle this. The cleanest would be, as you mentioned, to separate the three tests into three Assignable units, which would then all have individual scores of 100. SCORM does not allow linking between AU's but they would each be listed within your course in the LMS under the heading of your title, so they would be grouped accordingly. This does seem like the option that fits best with what you are trying to do.

    If this isn't an option, you could set the maximum score to 300 in the properties of the Assignable Unit, which would then give each test a value of 100. When it is set to Auto, which it is by default, the score of the entire AU is derived from 100, which is why each test has a value of 33.3.