Attaching variable/action to embedded flash object

mike-m Community Member Posts: 38
I have a SCORM 2004 flash-based test created in Raptivity that reports test scores to our LMS, but I want to be able to attach a variable to the object so that I have additional functions on the screen where it's located. The problem is that the flash object is never actually "done playing" so I cannot assign "On: Done Playing" in order to create an action, such as pop-ups or buttons appearing for branching.

Is there some way that I can harness that data which the object is sending to the LMS in order to create variables and actions in Lectora?

I would normally have created the test in Lectora itself, but there was some error that was causing all quiz objects (questions, etc.) to not render in the browser. Anyway, I got tired of trying to figure out why the question objects weren't rending in this course only, so I created the Raptivity test as a work around.

Thanks in advance.