Bookmark Not Working

sblanchard Community Member Posts: 6
Hello everyone,

My trouble course is giving me trouble again. I have had two users tell me today that when they clicked Ok to return where they were in the course on the bookmark prompt, the course is sending them to the beginning of the course instead. I have tested it myself and I have not had this happen to me. It makes me wonder if it's user error, but they could be clicking OK. Has anyone experienced this?

Just some background on this trouble course. I have several of the Flash games from the library in this course. Many of the users are using VPN connections so the timers reporting the variables are having major issues. We are also finding out that bandwidth is a problem too as when too many people are accessing the course, it goes "wonky". (Yes that is a technical term). I wish I had known all of this prior to releasing this course. I guess you live and you learn.