Lectora Store is broken. (10/25/2011)

aquil0 Community Member Posts: 2
Hi guys

Has anyone else run into a problem with puchasing from the Lectora store?

Im trying to buy a copy of Lectora Pubisher, but after entering my payment details it wont progress to the checkout screen. (It returns to the payment screen without any errors)

I have purchased licenses from this site before with no issues (using an Australian address). However I did notice a bug with the selection of State option, in that I select Australia and it keeps the USA state options. Trying to factor this bug out, I tried to use my companies US address in connecticut. This also didnt work.

Trivantis could please work this out? I have a new dev sitting around with nothing to do because of this.

Please note I will not buy this from the Australian reseller as they are asking double the price for the same tool ($3000usd)... This price is really unjustifable for my company.