Progress Bar to Display Practice Score

usatec3 Community Member Posts: 7

From reviewing the posts here I've found that it's possible to display the score of a test in a progress bar but I must be doing something wrong because I can't get it to work. My goal is to display the score of a practice test on a progress bar. Actually, I want two located in two different test sections. One is 10 questions; the other is 8. The score will not be sent to the LMS nor do I want it included in the final score. FWIW The title is set to AICC.

From what I've gleaned I need to create a custom progress bar with an action that sets progress. I originally created the following action in a chapter following the test section. However it didn't work. So I moved it to the test section...again it didn't work.

On: Show

Action: Set Progress

Target: Progress Bar 1

Position: VAR(Properties_QuickCheck_Score)


1. How do I make this work?

2. Where exactly should the progress bar be located? Should the progress bar go at the end of the test section or in it's own chapter?

3. Do I need to add any variables to the practice test to get it to report to the progress bar or does the set progress action do this for me?

I'm a novice at all things Lectora so feel free to talk down to me. I'm just appreciative of any help you all will give!