Video Player Updates Lectora X.5

mbards Community Member Posts: 4
Hi All,

I need some help regarding my Lectora video player.

About a month or so ago Lectora requested to do an update to Version X.5. The biggest changes I noticed following this update were alterations to the video players and in my opinon not all of these alterations have been for the better.

There are two major problems that I'm experinceing that are having an effect on the final look and feel of my published courses:

Since the update, when the video player finishes it cuts to white rather than black which isn't helpful as all my short e-learning videos fade to black.

When I've published a course to scorm the video player displays a JW Player watermark in the left hand corner of the screen which I really don't want (though strangely when I publish to HTML this watermark isn't there)

Does anyone know how to get videos to cut to black again and how to get rid of the JW Player watermark? Or alternatively does anyone know if it is possible to undo the last update as I never had a problem with the previous video players in Lectora.

Many Thanks in Advance for any replys / solutions