Course Module with Mutiple Exams

omacron77 Community Member Posts: 52
Hello all, I'm looking for some suggestions on a project I'm working on. I created this course module with the capability of selecting 1 of 3 test, after the test is completed it will display a pass or fail page based on score. If passed a Certificate will be dispalyed with the option to print it and then they are are asked to continue and the exit page for the module is displayed and the student can exit at that time. This works fine when the test is set up in Random mode. My problem is this.

1. For testing and QA purposes Random mode for questions has been disabled so testing is sequential. When executed if you pick the 1st or 2nd test it will execute and drop through to the next test and keep on going to the the "Test Results", "Certificate" and finally the "After Test' Sections. I do understand why this is occuring because there is no code redirecting what to do next after the last questions are completed in each test section.

What is the best way to resolve this.

2. Also I need to prevent the student from going back and retaking the same test within 3 days, so that means I need to check for what test the student is attempting to take and based on a varable results decide accordinally. I created the user defined varable "Test Cycle" however I'm not sure how or what code to write in order to perform the test. So I'm looking for suggestions on this capability as well.

This is my first time developing a module with a mutiple testing capability so I'm somewhat lost. Any assistance is greatful.