read external file inside Lectora.

raugusto Community Member Posts: 32
hi all,

i have a plain file (txt or xml) that will have some variables like:

I need to read this file, extract each variable and associate it to a button inside lectora.

The button configuration is goto - webaddress - then I would set my 'link1' variable...but after generating the

SCORM package and looking at the html file generated I have :

the variable beeing generated and associated to the URL

VarVariable1 = new Variable( 'VarVariable1', '', 0, 0, 'scorm', 365, 'access1' )

but in the button action it does not inpterpret the variable It treats like a string

function action639(fn){


if(fn) eval(fn);


Any ideas how can I use the variables I got form txt file with the button??

I'm using lectora 9.3