Go To action option

lrichmtg Community Member Posts: 11
Currently in the Go To action the functionality is:

First Page in Title

Previous Page

Next Page

Next/Previous chapter

Next/Previous section

Web Address



--> No option to "Scroll To"

Current Page

Chapter, Section, or Page

--> forced to "Scroll To" a specific page area


Can you offer an option to use or not use the Scroll To -- or enable a "blank/none" if Scroll To is required? The issue is that being forced to "Scroll to" a specific area appends the #arealoc to the end of the URL and impacts certain functionality (specifically a 'refresh' type function).

I also can see where in some cases some people *might* want to scroll to a specific area of a next or previous page (perhaps a certain portion based on variable or something) and might want that option (although this is probably less important since there's at least a work-around in selecting chapter, section or page).