Lectora X.5 Bugs?

j911bradford Community Member Posts: 90
Hey everyone. I have an issue that I hope someone will be able to shed some light on. I'm trying to test a template that a 3rd party vendor built. The template was built in Lectora 9 (unsure if it was Enterprise or Professional Publishing Suite, but I'm checking now). I have Lectora X.5 Professional Publishing Suite, and when I open the source file I get an error message and Lectora closes when I click certain things. So far, I've identified that it happens every time I do any of the following things:

1. Click the "On Click" tab in the properties of ANY button. I can click all other tabs in the button properties, but I get the error message immediately when I click the "On Click" tab.

2. Click ANY action icon (existing or new). The error message pops up immediately.

3. Click the "When Cancelled/Failed" or "When Completed/Pass" tabs in the Test properties. Again, I can click all other tabs in the Test properties, but the error message pops up as soon as I click either of those two.

The error message does not give any details, it just says "Lectora.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close." I've opened previous versions of this template before without any issues, and it will currently open in Lectora 9 Enterprise with no issues (tested on a teammates computer). I sent the error report to Trivantis but have not heard anything yet.

Any thoughts?