Completed Status - Fool Proof Way?

stephen Community Member Posts: 16
I've developed three courses that are now on our LMS. At the end of the lesson, I included a test and the test results page that provides the learner their score. On that page, there is the OK and Print button. If the user passes and clicks the OK button, they are taken to the pass page. The pass page has an action which sets the lesson to the completed status in the LMS.

Here's the issue. If the learner sees their score and then closes the lesson, the completed status is not passed to the LMS. I tried to place the action on the test results page, but it doesn't allow actions to be placed on it.

What suggestions do you have for making the completed status be passed in a fool prove way? So that I don't have to rely on the learning to click a particular button.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!