Done Playing action not working anymore

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I have a course that contains numerous swf animations and when they are done playing, the Done Playing action sends them to another page. This action worked when published to AICC, and I had no problems with it until I did published yesterday. Prior to that my the Done Playing action worked in my last publish at the end of August, and many prior publishes during the past year.

Nothing has changed with the course so there shouldn't be a problem but the Done Playing action doesn't seeem to work anymore once the animation is done. The only thing i can think of is that early in September I installled the Lectora version upgrade (X.5).

Could the version upgrade be the problem? Or is using the Done Playing action not stable on swf animations, as it has been implied in some messages here. Has anyone else had a problem with using a done playing action on a swf?

I'm using Lectora Pro Suite (vx.5).

Any help will be apreciated!



  • matelot
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    Hi there

    Did you get an answer/solution to fix this problem?

  • timk
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    I'd be surprised if it ever worked as  "On: Done Playing" is not meant for swfs but only for audio and video files, i.e. files that are played via the JW Player.