Test Results Not Showing To Student, Grading, or Emailing Results

roddykb Community Member Posts: 7
I've got a total of 7 tests setup throughout my current module. Each test is setup to grade the test, show the student the test results, and then email the results to me. It's not doing any of the above. I've got all the correct options and check boxes selected. I've even got our IT group looking into this, they're very unfamiliar with Lectora so they're very lost. I can't figure out what I'm missing. When I first did a test run of this module, I had initially set Test 1 to show results, grade, and email. I had Tests 2-7 not show results, grade, or email results. (I wanted to show my boss the different options.) After we decided to show, grade, and email results I began editing each test by going to its property options>results and changing the different options. Since then Test 1 no longer shows, grades, or emails results nor does any of the other 6. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! I'm trying to meet a deadline by Thursday!