Question Regarding Using Lectora and Moodle

tbrice18 Community Member Posts: 2
My company is using Lectora Inspire. I am tasked with uploading project to Moodle. In the courseware (Lectora) there is an exit button with a javascript for closing the window and exiting the course. Outside of Moodle it is fine, inside of Moodle the button is dead and does nothing. Can someone point me in the right direction?:(


  • epirganoska9037
    epirganoska9037 Community Member Posts: 14
    I am having the same problem. The problem happens when the course is in the same window as Moodle. Can please anyone tell me what should I do so that the exit button works? Thanks.
  • kineouk
    kineouk Community Member Posts: 28

    If the course is published to open in a new window (The tickbox "The published course will be presented in a separate window than the LMS" needs to be checked) and Moodle is set to open the course in a New window, not Current window, then the exit button (with the action, on mouse click > Exit/Close)  should work just fine.

    I'm sure if any of these options are not set, then you will run into the problem you described.

    Hope this helps...