wmv file converts to f4v file then won't play in LMS

usatec3 Community Member Posts: 7
Hello All,

I'm having a problem getting an embedded wmv file to play once the Lectora title is placed on our SumTotal LMS. The video screen and play buttons appear but when I push 'play' I get the error message 'Video not found or access denied: XXXXX_XXXXX_XXXXX.f4v.' In looking into why the file name is f4v, I found that the wmv file converts it once published to SCORM, but I don't know why. For what it's worth, the video plays perfectly when I run the local SCORM package.


I'm new to Lectora and would so appreciate any help you can offer me. I'm not very tech savvy so feel free to dumb things down for me!

Many thanks,