Single Instance Open

gabe9802 Community Member Posts: 3

I hope this is in the right forum...

We are currently creating some modules in Lectora and will be testing employees. We do not let them go back through the course material once they have entered the test section. These modules are currently located on our share drive until we get the true LMS up and going.

The problem we are encountering now is that that they are able to begin the test, but since they cannot go back into the module to review during it, they are just opening a second instance of the same module and going back and forth between the two for answers.

Is there a way to allow only ONE instance of a specific module (in .exe format) to be opened at a time? They can open other subject modules, but the material in the others will not be relevent to the test in the first opened module.

Thanks in advance to everyone for any and all assistance with this problem.