Translate variables initial values

p-darbitrio Community Member Posts: 3
Hello everybody.

I'm a newbie here, so please be patient if I ever ask something "dummy" or obvious ;-p

My question is this: I have a multilanguage project, and so I'm pretty happy with the translation tool. My problem is that we've used several variables to store strings that must be shown on particular a text box by "Change contents" action instead of having multiple textboxes to show or hide.

And here comes the issue: when we export to the rtf to translate, we found no way to include all the vars in the title either.

Is there any possibility to export all vars initial values for translation?

The only "way" we found is to manually copy the vars from their javascript declaration in the HTML, but the trick is not particularly convenient, as is quite easy for translators to "mess-up" the code (especially in languages where the single quote is used a lot, as in English, for example):

VarMyVariable = new Variable( 'MyVariable', 'This is the string I need translated', 0, 0, null, null, 'titleName' )

Regards and thanks in advance to all for the anwers/suggestions.