Lectora javascript in Chrome

janssonmikael Community Member Posts: 9

I have two questions:

1) We're having some problems with getting our course to work in the Google Chrome browser. It works fine in Firefox and Internet Explorer, but in Chrome it appears that the Lectora variables only hold the default values, and not the ones set in previous actions. Is this an error in how Lectora generates its javascript code, or perhaps an error in Chrome? Or maybe javascript is synchronized differently in Chrome from other browsers?

2) Also, some graphical items get positioned differently in Chrome in comparison to both Firefox and Internet Explorer. We have a progressbar at the bottom that for some reason gets raised a few pixels in Chrome, as opposed to FF and ie where it is positioned just as it looks in Lectora. Any ideas if there is any fix for this in Lectora? The progressbar is an external html object.

Thanks in advance!

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