Problem with hiding image depending on variable

janssonmikael Community Member Posts: 9

Having problems with a hide and show operation. An image is supposed to be hidden and another one shown, but the reverse happens. I've checked that it is the correct variables being checked and the correct values controlled. Is it common for javascript to be out of synch perhaps? Can it happen that an action which is below another one in the title explorer gets executed before one that comes above it?

Also, another problem is that our course starts with a video, but the controllers get loaded and displayed first. Is there any way to avoid this from happening, so that the very first thing seen is the video? Or is this something one has to live with?

Another thing I've come across is that when having an "else" on a "Mute flv media" action causes the javascript in the course to get messed up. A bug I'm guessing. Just wondering if anyone else has that problem?

Thanks in advance!

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