Jumping Time on WMV File and Showing Menus and Images on Top of Videos

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I had this up in General, but I figured it would be good for tips and tricks.

This code lets you jump to points in a video.

You can't use the standard Lectora Video object. Instead insert a HTML file. I usualy set the HTML to pull an external text file. Make it easier to edit.

The text file should contain:

style="position:absolute; left:0;top:0;"




URL Value: Can point to a URL or local path

Change the width and height to the video size plus extra height to account for ui. Play around with it.

uiMode can be None, Half, and Full. Play with them a bit to see what you need.

Notice the object ID is set as video. That is needed for the controls

Next thing to do is create a clickable object in lectora, rather a buton, text, image... whatever you can set an action too.

After that add an on click action, with a Go To, Web Address.

The Web address should read:


The position is read in seconds, so the above line would take you to 1 minute in.

Also, the lines above:

Lets you put items on top of a WMV file. You won't have to worry about those menus going in back of a playing video any more.


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    The play button doesn't do that but you can make it happen on your own using the info above. You can set actions on the submit button or on your own button that jumps to different parts of a video depending on your answer. I have videos that pause and won't start playing again until you answer the question that pops up.