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chicagoman2008 Community Member Posts: 1
Hi All,

There maybe something out here on this topic but I didn't find it with "custom skin" search.

In Captivate 3&4, I've created customised playback skins for my content. I'm not seeing that as option with Lectora...has anyone done this and if so, how?

I used Flash to create mine by editing the .fla that came with Captivate. I changed the colours and added the company logotype.

Thanks, in advance, for any help!



  • rakeshkathuria
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    Kindly assist in a similar query of mine:

    I am using Lectora Inspire, which gives multiple options of skins for playback controllers; however, the Custom playback skins option opens the window to browse and select for a skin in zip file format.

    I am not sure what kind of zip file will work to load new skin. Kindly elaborate on this part.


  • timk
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    The skins for the player can be found:

    path to lectora /Trivantis/Lectora Inspire/Support Files/PlayerSkins

    You'll find a ZIP for each skin that is available in Lectora. You can copy one of them, unzip, change to your needs, zip, import into Lectora via the manage custom skins dialogue.

  • dampio
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    Some month ago, I found a guidance or better a howto, to create your own skin.

    Just to kill some time, I gave it a try but did fail a lot! ;-) I was not able to create a skin, that looked the way it should or that filled all the "spaces" on the audio bar. I did not spend too much effort... maybe that's why...

    Unfortunately I didn't bookmark this howto. But maybe it was not the best to use. So just use Google, and I am sure, you will find one.
  • clavoro
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    I would like to customize the Mare video skin in the C:Program FilesTrivantisLectora InspireSupport FilesPlayerSkins directory. My course is designed to give credit to the user at the end of each video using event triggers. I would simply like to remove the scrubber from the skin so the user cannot fast forward to the end and receive credit right away. I want to keep all the other controls like Full Screen and Volume.

    When I unzip the file, I can see there is a mare.xml file that will allow you to customize the skin design. What tags would I need to modify in order to remove the scrubber?

    Thank you.
  • clavoro
    clavoro Community Member Posts: 23
    I got it. Within the component name "controlbar" of the mare.xml file, I commented out the previous and next buttons, as well as the slider and it worked...

  • clavoro
    clavoro Community Member Posts: 23
    I also had to modify the pauseButton.png, pauseButtonOver.png, playButton.png, and playButtonOver.png images in the controlbar directory of the Mare skin since they had residual semi-transparent pixels on the right side of each that needed to be deleted (that were probably intended to be connected to the scrubber).