Display Message Box Feedback in Matching Question

dr-arm Community Member Posts: 2

I have a matching question at the end of a chapter that is not part of the overall test. I currently have it set so that the user pushes a "Check My Answer" button; if the user has correctly matched the questions, a message box opens up displaying "Correct" by means of an "On Mouse Click: Display Message Box" action on the "Check My Answer" button; if the user is incorrect, a message box opens displaying "Wrong..." by means of a similar action on the same button. Both actions are set to Conditions "Is Correct" and "Is Not Correct," respectively, based on the Question variable.

The problem I am having is that if the user answers the question correctly, the "Correct" message box displays, but after clicking "Ok," the "Wrong..." message box also displays. If the user incorrectly answers the question, everything acts as it should.

How can I fix this problem?

I should note that this problem occurs in Preview mode, in a published html file, and in a published single executable file.

Thanks in advance