Reveal Game and Executing Flash Commands

sblanchard Community Member Posts: 6
I am so very confused about using the flash game variables and executing flash commands.

I am trying to set up the Reveal Game in my course. The Lectora manual says that I need to use the Flash command Get Variable Action to retrive the variable values for this game. Ok, so I read how to do this in the manual and it's in the normal technical double talk (Lectora it would be ever so nice to place examples in your manual for us non-technical folk). I understand that I have to place an Action to do this, but it doesn't tell me where to place the action or do I need to attach it to anything. Also, I am quite confused on what to place in the Name field and Variable field. The instructions say to "specify the target flash animations variable name in the Name field and use the Variable list to select the variable within your title to which you want to save the value." Does this mean I have to create a seperate variable? I'm so confused.

This is what I originally had

On: Done Playing (I had it attached to the game)

Action: Flash Command

Target: Reveal

Command: Get Variable

Name: score (I'm guessing here)


Once I have this, will this automatically show result or do I need to set up another variable? I wish they had a tutorial on this. (HINT HINT LECTORA)