MIE vs. Google Chrome

dquattrin Community Member Posts: 15
We have lesson titles that have progress checks after each chapter. In these progress checks, the user must select an answer to enable the "next" button or they get the message, "You must make a selection." In MIE these progress checks work perfectly. In Google Chrome, even though I select an answer, the message, "You must make a selection" still pops up and the "next" button remains disabled - it is basically useless once they reach the first progress check question. Our customer, on the other hand, reported that when they do the lesson in Google Chrome, they can blow right through the progress checks without selecting any answer - they get no type of message. Are Lectora titles simply not supported on Google Chrome?

Also, my page numbers at the bottom of the screens don't work in Google Chrome. It simply says, "Page of 56" - is missing the current page number. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance,