numbered & bulleted list formatting is very limited

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Lectora really needs some additional options for bullets and for the formatting for text lists. Currently, there is only one bullet option, a dot. And, the only option for the format is a hanging indent on the second line of any bullet or numbered list. I dislike that format, and prefer the second line of text to line up with the first line of text on the left margin. So I am adding all non-list text first, and then Paste As Formatted RTF from Word for just the bulleted or numbered lists, between the text already on the page. Then, I get the paragraph formatting I want, but sometimes other formatting on the page gets messed up. You have to be really careful about what you paste from Word - just the numbered or bulleted list only.

Are there plans to add other bullet options and other formatting options? This has been brought up at LUC previously and I heard lots of positive rumbling in the audience.


  • maryword
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    I do agree that Lectora needs to provide more and better bulleted list functionality - my suggestion before was what I ended up doing as a workaround.

    I am having fits right now with bulleted list wrapping in L11. Some pages wrap correctly - that is, the text on multi-line bullets shows up properly indented. But most pages I have to kludge it by using a soft return and one or more spaces, which gets close, but not right. Varies by browser, too. Most annoying for what should be something I don't have to address at all.

  • benpitman
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    With a few exceptions with 14pt type, bullets should work fine. Cut all the text, paste unformatted and try bullets again.
  • beeps
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    Sorry I'm late to the party, was hunting for answers to my own bullet formatting woes :cool:

    One way to work around the bullets is to make your own bullet image and then insert it manually. It is a little tedious but, given how bullets work/look like in the first place, it does provide more flexibility. We use this method for our progress page (to add check marks as a learner completes a page) but it would work here too.

    First, make your bullet image. In the sample, I used a wing ding character that looks like a snowflake. I made the image in a textbox in Lectora, snipped it, and copied it into Photoshop. I then cropped it down and saved it as a png.

    To place the image as a bullet, add the image to your page (anywhere is fine, you will delete it when finished). Copy it and then click your text where you want the bullet (I clicked where the red line is on my image), so that you get the "inset text" blinking line. Hit "paste" and the image will paste into the text line. You can then add a space or two and then you have your custom bullet. The advantage of pasting the image into the text line is that the image will travel with the text as it renders across browsers and whatnot. If you just stick it by the text and try to line it up, it probably won't look right when you publish.

    It's a work around that works if you really need to change the bullets. I agree Lectora needs to do some major work on how text elements format in general.
  • tecocat
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    Another popular solution is to create a 2-column table (without gridlines) and put the bullet symbols in the first column and the corresponding text in the second column.

    Most of the time, though, I just paste the bullet symbol on the page and create a text box to go next to it (lather, rinse, and repeat for each bullet). Although it's a bit time-consuming at first, you can re-use that page when creating later pages, by just changing the contents of the text boxes.