Randomised test questions - showing feedback after submission

kiwisheree Community Member Posts: 8
I have created a test with 5 sections with 1 randon question from each section included in the test. Once the test has been submitted I want the learner to go back and review the questions they got wrong and provide additional information.

I created 5 buttons that display green or red based on the question answered and included them on summary page. The problem I am having is that you can't select go to a specific page (I was planning to do this based on if the variable for the question was empty or not) and if I select go to test section I get loads of scorm errors when I publish.

Any ideas for a work around.

It is important that the learner doesn't have to reivew all the questions. I would like them to be able to do this if they want to, but they really only need to view the ones they got wrong so that I can display extra information inclduing the correct answer and extra feedback.