Module Tests with Results page...problem

ahwalek Community Member Posts: 38 ♪ Opening Act ♪

I'm trying to make a course with three modules in Lectora. Each module will have its own test at the end of the module. After the student takes the module's test questions I want to direct the students to a results page with a score for the module. One page for passing, another for failing.

-When I tried this using three separate tests it said my overall score at the end of the course was 250 (I got two 100's and a 50).

-When I made one test and a test section for each module I can't get the score to process without having the student directed to the page that's identified in the "When Completed/Passed" and "When Canceled/Failed" tabs for the test. Is there a way to process the test section's score, and without having to trigger the Go To in the test tabs?

Any help is greatly appreciated.