Suppress Feedback after Next Button Shows

shanwoman Community Member Posts: 20
Hello. I'm using Lectora Publisher X.4 7609. I have Knowledge Checks sprinkled through the course at the end of each chapter. The next button is hidden until the question is answered correctly. Feedback is set to go to a Feedback page (not immediate). All is working well; however, when returning to the course and clicking next to proceed through these Knowledge Check pages, the feedback presents itself again when clicking Next. Since this is the course that the learner may return to and use as a reference in the future, I'd like the Feedback to show only once (when the learner addresses the question the first time and until they get it right) and not every time they click Next from here on out. I have an action on Show Page to check and see if the answer is correct and if so to be sure the Next button shows. Right now when they click it it shows the Correct feedback and they have to close it before it will go to the next page. Any thoughts are welcome. Many thanks