Hide multiple objects at once

df730 Community Member Posts: 3
I'm working on a large glossary and this is how I've designed it. Across the top of the page is the alphabet. Each letter has an invisible button so when the letter is clicked a column of terms that start with that letter displays along the left of the screen. Next, to view a term's definition the user just needs to hover over the term and the definition displays in the center of the screen. When the cursor is moved away from the term, the definition hides again. My problem is the list of terms organized by letter. Once the list of all "A" terms is displayed by using the Show action, when the user clicks "B" to view those terms it is layered behind the A list. Two solutions that I can think of: 1-Use the Toggle Visibility State action and have the users click to show the list then click to hide the list before selecting the next letter they want to view. But this isn't very user-friendly and can be confusing if they start clicking different letters. 2-Add an action to each letter to Hide all of the other letter lists - but that would mean having 25 Hide actions for each letter...there has to be a better way!