Positioning External HTML Object (Streaming Video)

megtastic Community Member Posts: 8

I'm testing mobile courses for launching on the ipad (among other mobile devices, but the ipad is our primary concern). Our policy is to stream video (mp4s) instead of embedding it.

A couple questions...

1. Am I just missing the very simple streaming (for ipad) option in the Video choices? The streaming with mp4 option didn't work.

2. I have code for an html video player that I use in other instances on our LMS and have added it to the course via External HTML Object. I resized it, and that worked... I placed it on the page where I need it to be (roughly center), but everytime I preview it pops up into the upper left corner. Does anyone know any tricks or code to force the object to remain where I place it?

Any help would be appreciated!




  • shreyas123
    shreyas123 Community Member Posts: 6
    Could you please provide us the code for video insertion via external html object since I am also working on the same, but I am not able to see any video playing on the screen.

    I have been using the following code via external html object. We are using lectora version 11.1

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    Would be great if you could help us providing with the code.