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We have recently aquired SABA and Publisher and now we are in the process of uploading a course. The course runs fine in SABA; however, we cannot get the status of the course to change to Completed. This course does not have a Test but we have set it up so that when the user clicks Done the course is complete. We are unsure if we are entering the correct values for this to work. So our questions are what are the valid values for the CMI_Completion_Status? and What are the AICC values?

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  • struitt
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    Anyone find an answer for this post?  I can't get Saba to display anything other than 'not evaluated.'
  • broeme
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    Coincidently, just ran into a similar issue this morning with one of my clients.  They're using Saba 7.2.  I've provided them with a SCORM 1.2 course which uses a value of "completed" in the lesson status variable.  They stated that despite achieving a passing score, and seeing the certificate of completion I created (which can only be viewed if the quiz was passed), they course does not move to a completed status in the LMS.

    I'm at the very beginning of troubleshooting this issue with them, but thought I'd hit the Community before I got to deep.  I'm curious if anyone has more information on completing courses in Saba 7.2.  I've recently updated to Lectora 12.1.0, but I'm pretty sure the courses they're using were published in v11.

  • struitt
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    If you come up with a solution let me know...I'm still working on this. I can get the score to transfer over, but the status remains at 'Not Evaluated.'
  • tia
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    Use the Lectora variable "AICC_Lesson_Status" to mark your completions. I noticed you had a capital C in your post. Set your value to "completed".