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Variable logic not working in Learn.com LMS

Hello, everyone,

I have a course that has locked down navigation that should release after the student completes the course. It works on my local drive, but not on learn.com. Here are the details:

The next button is initially INvisible. When the audio is done playing or the question is answered on a given page, there is an action to show the next button. This all works fine locally and in the LMS.

When the student reaches the last page of the course, the AICC_Lesson_Status is set to completed. The course marks as complete in the LMS properly. The last page also sets a new variable called ReleaseNext to be yes. The variable is set to retain values between sessions.

The goal is to "release" the next button once the course is marked complete, meaning that it is available if they go back through the course. This is what is not working on the LMS. At the title, level, I have an action that says On Show, Show the Next button, if ReleaseNext = yes. (I also tried it tied to AICC_Lesson_Status = completed, but that didn't work either). There are no other actions related to the next button -- just this conditional show action at the title level and the show actions on the individual page levels. This logic works when I play it on my computer, but not in the LMS, so I can only assume that it is a setting of some sort with the LMS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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