Embeding SWF objects on a remote server

chrisk Community Member Posts: 18

We're developing a course where we will be hosting the Lectora content on one URL and hosting the audio, video, interactions etc. on a different URL.

We are doing this so we can host all the media content locally at several different sites, but keep the Lectora content central.

Our problem comes when trying to embed our content into Lectora. When we go to import/add a SWF to the page we don't get the option to enter a URL reference to the SWF - we only get to import the SWF to the project.

Is there any way to add or embed remote content like this. I imagine this issue is the same for trying to add remote images not contained within the project as well.

At present I have managed to edit the HTML Lectora produces and successfully changed the path to the SWF there, however as soon as we export a new version I then have to make the edit again, and again, and so on.

Does anyone know how to embed or link to content hosted on a remote server from inside Lectora?

Thanks for any help. If my issue/request isn't clear, just let me know and I'll try and explain it differently.