It would be nice to record and play a bunch of keystrokes as a Macro

georgecooper Community Member Posts: 14
I am currently working through a 70 screen book, having to perform the same six keystrokes on each page.

pretty pretty please


  • canadian
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    @benpitman 40934 wrote:
    I have tried some 3rd party software and not had much luck. If anyone knows of a good one, please let us know.

    Meantime, Trivantis, please add this to future improvements.

    I have tons of macro's I've created using and AutoHotKey

    works great. I have a custom GUI menu i made for inserting library objects.
  • benpitman
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    Thanks for the tips. A couple of tips. First, You can open a .awt file with NotePad and easily change the common location of objects. Recently I went thru a 100 page course and moved the title down 10px with a change all command. Second, for library objects, just open the folder and drag and drop onto the course workspace.