Simple question about quizzes and certificates

Hey guys,

I am a graduate assistant at my university and we are using Lectora to build a module for our students to interact with. We constructed the module with a quiz at the end and after successfully passing the quiz, students will be directed to a certificate page. However, if they fail then they will be directed back to the start of the module. Here is my problem: Due to FERPA regulations we cannot ask for a student's name and e-mail address since the quiz results are being transmitted to our work gmail account. The way it is set up now, the quiz asks for the students e-mail address, however since I cannot ask for their name, if they pass the quiz their certificate will be blank. We are striving for each student to have a printable certificate, one that cannot just be mass printed and random names written in. Does anyone know how i can solve this problem? Is there a way to turn the e-mail request feature off or is there an outside certificate website or datatabase i can use? Thanks.