Button Issues / Transparent Buttons - with text?

andeh Community Member Posts: 7
I'm having some trouble with adding an image button with customisable text.

I have the Normal/Hover/Clicked images for a button made (blank no text). I can't seem to add a text overlay correctly, maybe I'm missing something?

If I add a transparent text block over the button it causes some issues, when I hover over the text block directly, the button functions stop, like if I'm hovering over the button, the hover image shows, as soon as I move over the actual text i've placed over the button the button image changes back to normal state.

This is driving me nuts at the moment, does anyone know a way I can get this to work as a template, I don't really want to have to create 3 new buttons everytime I need to change the text on the button going forward.

Is there a way to do this through the button wizard if I add my own normal/hover/clicked images?

I know in other elearning authoring tools you can create a transparent button, and also add text to it, can this be done in Lectora?