Test Results Not Generating Test Score

roddykb Community Member Posts: 7
I'm publishing using the Single File Executable option. On the Test Level>Results, Show Test Results to student after end of test, customized test results, & grade the test are all checked. Lowest passing score is set to 75 & I've also got it set to email me the results. On the Test Results Level>Results Content, Open in Popup Window & Show Test Score are checked. When I do a test run, it continuously leaves the Score: section of the results page empty, regardless if I would have passed or not. I've got multiple choice, true/false, hot spot, matching, fill in the blank, & short answer questions. All of which have a "Correct Answer" except the short answer questions. The email that it sends to me also shows a blank Score. What am I missing? All suggestions & help are greatly appreciated!