Issue With Test Takers' Names, Dates, Printing Blank on Certificates

merceg Community Member Posts: 107 ♪ Opening Act ♪
Okay, all of a sudden we are seeing some strange things pop up in courses that have been around for quite some time and I was wondering if anyone else has ever had this issue. We have a test in which the users get a "certificate" when they pass. Really this is just a regular page in Lectora with some text blocks on it that say the name of the program and then pulls in their userID, name and the current date from our LMS, which is Coursemill. There is a print this page button on the screen to print out the page so they have the certificate for their training files.

All of a sudden, either the main text block (which is always set to be on top, rendered text as image, etc. and/or the user ID, name and date (also set to always be on top)) are not printing when our test takers print the sheet. In some cases it is blank except for the information pulled in from the LMS and in others, the main text block shows by the input from Coursemill is not showing. I cannot replicate any of this here when I go in as a student and take a test it works fine for me. It seems to be hit or miss and I cannot figure out why all of a sudden it is not working for some users but not all after having built this same page for every progam for the last 5 years. I have not updated Lectora lately but should have the most recent service pack X.4. Coursemill is the next to last version that is out there.

Any ideas as to what could possibly be happening? The only thing I can think of is either their connection to our LMS is getting lost during the printing or it is a printer setting on their end that may have changed since everything works here and I am set up with the same IE settings, etc. as a center so that when I test it is in the same environment basically as what they have in our centers.