Publish semantic html - ESPECIALLY bullets

jsuarez Community Member Posts: 15
Lectora should be publishing semantic HTML in general, but specifically bullet points. Please change them to be ordered/unordered list items, and not paragraph tags styled to resemble bulleted lists to human eyes.

Creating semantic lists will likely fix problems people constantly experience with bulleted text (including new problems in IE9), and will future proof Lectora for future browsers, mobile devices, and things not even invented yet. That's the beauty of adhering to web standards.

Any WYSIWYG editor will inevitably create some extra code. I get that. But in my opinion, Lectora is positioned to be THE authoring product to take advantage of HTML5, but only if the way it publishes code is reevaluated. Because HTML5 is ALL about clean semantic code that's more machine readable. Not "killing Flash" and working on iPhone/iPad.

I know this would require a lot of work, and wouldn't result in any shiny new products or marketing material, but I'd be signing Lectora's praises from the rooftops if it wrote to today's web standards (clean semantic HTML visually styled by external CSS and functionally enhanced with modern JavaScript ). I'm sure I'm not alone in that regard either.