Snap! Question

wrw777 Community Member Posts: 5
Used Snap! by Lectora last night for the first time - went great, very easy to use, etc. Published to my LMS as Scorm 1.2. Really liked it.

Went and tested it out myself and the course worked great - everything did fantastic. Went back into the LMS and my quiz score was recorded but the course was showing still In Progress. Apparently, the communication from the course to the LMS stating that the course was complete did not take place. The LMS folks took a look and stated that there was no communication from the course to call the course complete.

I know in Lectora a Completion Status action needs to be put in.

Anyone know the answer to this - is there a step I'm missing. Do I need to export the Snap course and add that step in Lectora. Is this link already built into Snap!

Any help would be appreciated. Like I said, really liked the product - just need some help with this issue.


Bill White